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Governance, Strategies and Plans

Joint Committee

The Joint Committee is a statutory standing committee with overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction and conducting the business of Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) in Taranaki.

The Joint Committee comprises of:

  • The Mayor of New Plymouth District Council
  • The Mayor of South Taranaki Regional Council
  • The Mayor of Stratford District Council
  • The Chair of Taranaki Regional Council

Meetings are attended by members of the CDEM groups and representatives of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). However, only the Mayors and Chairs are members of the Joint Committee.

Coordinating Executive Group

The Coordinating Executive Group (CEG) provides strategic advice with the role of implementing the decisions of the CDEM group. Overseeing the implementation, development, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan (Group Plan).

Taranaki Emergency Management Group Plan

The Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Plan for Taranaki sets outs the vision, goals and high-level arrangements for the Taranaki region.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 requires Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management to review its Emergency Management Group Plan for the region every five-years.

As a result, a review and update of Taranaki’s Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan (2018 – 2023) will start shortly. This review will produce an interim Group Plan which will be released to the public who will be invited to provide feedback through a submission process.

National Legislation and Strategies

The CDEM Act

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 is the foundational piece of legislation which New Zealand can prepare for, deal with, and recover from local, regional and national emergencies.

CDEM Act 2002

Purpose of the Act

The National Disaster Resilience Strategy

The National Disaster Resilience Strategy is a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the country's ability to withstand and recover from disasters. The strategy emphasizes a collaborative and integrated approach involving government agencies, local communities, businesses, and individuals. It focuses on building resilience at all levels by addressing key areas such as hazard identification and risk reduction, community engagement and empowerment, infrastructure resilience, and effective response and recovery efforts.

National Disaster Resilience Strategy 

National Emergency Management Agency

NEMA is the government lead for emergency management. NEMA supports local, regional and national understanding and coordination. This includes among government, iwi, local government, and private and community organisations.

National Emergency Management Agency