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About Us

Taranaki Emergency Management is a shared service between all four councils in Taranaki and works in partnership with emergency services and other organisations to ensure effective coordination of emergency management within its area.

Governance of the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM) is provided by Joint Committee (JC).  

The Taranaki Emergency Civil Defence Emergency Management Group


Our Taranaki community shows resilience through periods of disaster, crisis and change.

Core Purpose

We deliver professional disaster risk and emergency management for Taranaki.

Core values

  • Collective responsibility: Shared between National, Group and District level.
  • Unified approach: Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) partners work for the overall benefit of the Taranaki Community.
  • Organisational resilience: Any part of the system can lend support seamlessly.
  • Strong relationships: Strong effective coordination and integration.

The aim of Taranaki Emergency Management is:

  • Understand Taranaki hazards, their likelihood and impacts.
  • Build resilience into organisations and plan for the impacts from disaster and ensure our systems and arrangements are fit for purpose.
  • Foster collaboration across the emergency management system to ensure a well management effective responses to support the community during a disaster.
  • Assist our communities in becoming more resilient to hazards and prepared for emergencies.


Head to Governance, Strategies and Plans for an overview of which organisations are part of our Coordinating Executive Group (CEG).


Taranaki Emergency Management Office (TEMO)

The Taranaki Emergency Management Office works to coordinate and facilitate the day-to-day planning and project work on behalf of the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group. TEMO is located at 45 Robe St, New Plymouth, and administered by Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) with services delivered by New Plymouth District Council (NPDC).  

During an emergency response, TEMO will often activate the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) located at their office to assist with and manage the response at regional level.

Advisory Group

A key function of TEMO is to facilitate strong relationships and networks between organisations that may be involved in an emergency response.

Below are the eight advisory groups facilitated by TEMO to provide them with specialist advice. This advice is used to guide emergency planning and keep TEMO connected to key stakeholders.