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Stay Informed


If the power goes out, a solar-or battery-powered radio (or your car radio) can help you keep up to date with the latest news. Local radio stations to listen to during an emergency:


National Emergency Management Channels

Emergency Mobile Alerts (EMA)

EMA’s are messages about emergencies that are sent by authorised emergency agencies to capable mobile phones. The alerts keep people safe and are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers.

The alerts are targeted to areas affected by serious hazards. They will only be sent when there is a serious threat to life, health or property, and, in some cases, for test purposes.

To get EMA’s, you need a phone capable of receiving them. The phone also needs to have cell reception and up-to-date software. You don’t have to download an app or subscribe to a service.

If you get an alert, read the message and take it seriously. It will tell you what the emergency is and what to do. It will also tell you which agency sent the message and, if needed, where to go for more information.

For more information about the EMA , or to check that your phone is capable of receiving these alerts, visit

Television Stations

Television stations to watch during an emergency:



Check out what the weather is doing in your part of the region by keeping up-to-date with the latest information from MetService. MetService will also show if there are any weather warnings coming your way.

GeoNet App

Details of all earthquakes located in and around New Zealand are available on the GeoNet app within a few minutes of their occurrence. You can also set notifications of earthquakes by proximity to your current location (using your phone’s GPS), or you can set up alerts for multiple locations and earthquake intensities. For the technical users you can view peak ground accelerations (PGA) and velocities (PGV) recorded by our seismograph network on a map.

GeoNet Website

GeoNet App - Google Play for Android

GeoNet App -The App Store for Apple


New Zealand Transport Agency

Keep an eye on the latest road information by keeping up-to-date with road closures in your area. 


In an emergency, you may need to get in touch with your electricity supplier.

Powerco Outages Map

Know your neighbours

Get to know your neighbours. In an emergency, you’ll be able to help each other while emergency management and emergency services are busy helping people who need them most. Get involved in your community and get to know your neighbours before an emergency happens.