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Infrastructure Failures

Power Outages

Widespread power outages can disrupt communities and have large economic impacts. Electricity outages can cause welfare issues, particularly with heating, sanitation and medical facilities for vulnerable groups such as elderly and sick.

What are the impacts of power outages.

No water

Disruption to the water supply could mean going without a running toilet, shower, or ways to clean your dishes.

Water demand can be expected to increase significantly for volcanic eruptions. Water would be used to flush ash from roofs, for increased abattoir kills, and for fighting fires.

 No phone or internet

Talk to your family about how you will get in touch and where you will meet up in an emergency if the phone lines and/or internet are down. 


Taranaki can become isolated with three main state highways in and out of the region. If you can’t take your normal route home, how will you get there?