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South Taranaki District

South Taranaki District

Where the mountain meets the sea, the South Taranaki District is made up of both residential and rural communities. With a population of nearly 29,000 people, it is Taranaki’s second largest district.

South Taranaki faces various hazards including storms, earthquakes, drought, flooding and volcanic eruptions.

Information during an emergency

During an emergency information will be available through a number of channels from Taranaki Emergency Management and South Taranaki District Council.

When an emergency affects the district, the South Taranaki District Council will provide information to the community and visitors through a variety of channels, including their website, Antenno App and Facebook. The Council will also use traditional media channels like radio and local newspapers to share information if available.


Using Antenno during emergencies 

Signing up to Antenno is a great way for residents to stay connected and informed before, during and after and emergency. Antenno is a tool that allows for real-time alerts to be sent during an emergency.

Find out more and download Antenno today.